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God of All Nations

I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend in Oshawa, Ontario as a side trip while I was visiting my family in Michigan.  This was my third time hanging out in Canada with our brothers and sisters of Fellowship Oshawa. It amazes me how God is able to open our hearts to make connections in such a short span.  It was good to catch up with some of the families that I haven’t seen since last summer, and also good to worship in a space where the gospel is preached unabashedly.

Even though Canada doesn’t necessarily feel quite as “foreign” as some other places, a drive down the road proves otherwise.  Between units of measure (kilometers instead of miles, Celsius rather than Fahrenheit) and different stores (the Husky gas stations always stick out to me), it’s easy to see a physical representation of a different nation.  However, what I was reminded of is that we still worship the same God.  We face the same problem of sin.  We need Jesus everyday, wherever we may be.  Every single person has the same need for the gospel.
In Matthew 28:19, the extent of the Great Commission is very clear- the good news about Jesus is to be brought to ALL nations.  But, some of us may never see outside the borders of the US, perhaps not even of Florida.  This means we have to ask ourselves some questions:
Are we reaching out to our neighbors and families with the gospel?
If we do travel, do we bring the light of the gospel in our speech and our actions?
Are we praying for those who we know have taken the call to live away from family and comfort in order to bring the gospel to people who have never even heard of Jesus?
These are the questions I’m asking myself after this weekend.  The mission given to us by Jesus includes all nations, both those far away from us as well as the one we live in.  So we must consider: do we recognize our part in participating in sharing the gospel with a fallen world?
Who can you tell Jesus about this week?  Who can you invite to come to Grace Life this Sunday?
In Him,
Ben Beck

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