Family Discipleship: Hosea, Prophet to Israel

Dear Parents,

Our KidLife Preschool and Elementary Class are currently studying through the entire Bible while focusing on the Gospel. As they learn the incredible stories of Scripture, they’ll be taught how Christ is connected to all of it.

We have a deep desire to come along side you, the parent, and help you disciple your children. We want to help you teach them about God’s Word. Every week, we will send home information about the lesson your child learned. We also plan to include the lesson in our church program and post a weekly summary here, on the Grace Life Blog.

Take the time each day to go over what they learn, memorize the Scripture verse with them, and continue to show them Jesus. The greatest responsibility we have as parents is to disciple are kids and to show them how to follow Jesus. For more information on the importance of Family Discipleship, here’s a quick Facebook Live video or you can listen to this sermon on Family Discipleship from Pastor Matt.

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Here is this week’s summary:

Hosea, the Prophet to Israel


Story Point: God is faithful to His people even when they do not love Him.

Big Picture Question: Why should we obey God? We should obey God because He made us, He loves us, and His plans are good.

Christ Connection: 54

Key Passage: 2 Peter 3:9

Hosea was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom of Israel for at least forty years. God sent Hosea to tell Israel of God’s hatred toward sin and of His coming judgment. (See Hos. 4:1,6.) God also sent Hosea to bring a message of love—a love that never gives up. (See Hos. 11:7-9.)

To get the message across to the Israelites, God used Hosea’s own life to show Israel what a never-gives-up kind of love looks like. Hosea obeyed God’s instructions to marry a prostitute. Hosea loved Gomer as his wife, even though he knew she would not be faithful to him. Gomer gave birth to children who were conceived with other men. Can you imagine Hosea’s grief each time he realized his wife’s unfaithfulness?

It would have been easier for Hosea to end his marriage covenant—to throw up his hands and say, “Enough! I’m done with you!” Yet God’s people were no different than Gomer. They were spiritual adulterers. Their hearts chased after other lovers by loving and worshiping idols.

It would have been easier for God to end the Mosaic covenant—to throw up His hands and say, “Enough! I’m done with you!” But God’s love never gives up. God gave Hosea a love for his wife that compelled him to buy her back from the slave market after all she had done. In the same way, God sought after His unfaithful people even after all they had done. God paid a high price—the life of His Son, Jesus—to bring them back to Himself.

Remember to talk about the story of Hosea with your kids in an age-appropriate way. God used Hosea’s unfaithful wife to show the people of Israel that they were unfaithful to Him. God gave Hosea a deep love; Hosea was willing to buy back Gomer even after all she had done. God’s love is deep, and it never gives up. He goes after His people and paid a great price to get us back. Even when God’s people worship false idols, He is ready to forgive those who turn back to Him.

Check this session’s Activity Page and Big Picture Card as well as the Gospel Project for Kids Family App for ways to interact with the Bible content this week.


  • Babies and Toddlers
    • The people of Israel stopped loving God.
    • Hosea’s life showed Israel how much God loved them.
    • Jesus’ life shows how much God loves us.
    • God’s plans are good.
  • Preschool
    • Why should we obey God? We should obey God because He made us, He loves us, and His plans are good.
    • God loves people who do not love Him back.
  • Kids
    • Why should we obey God? We should obey God because He made us, He loves us, and His plans are good.
    • God is faithful to His people even when they do not love Him.


2 Peter 3:9


“Israel Taken Captive” (2 Kings 17)

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