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A D-Group is a gender-specific closed group of 3 to 5 believers (including the leader) who meet together at least once a month for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. 

While LifeGroups exist for the purpose of connecting, A D-Group, on the other hand, consists of believers who desire a deeper walk with Christ. It is not evangelistic in its form or function, but in its fruit: it makes disciples who will then go on to make more disciples.

The format of a D-Group is not one of a teacher-student, but a roundtable discussion. In their book The Invested Life, Joel Rosenberg and T.E. Koshy suggest that a discipleship relationship is “more personal, more practical, and more powerful. A teacher shares information, while a discipler shares life; a teacher aims for the head, while a discipler aims for the heart; a teacher measures knowledge, while a discipler measures faith; a teacher is an authority, while a discipler is a servant; and a teacher says, ‘Listen to me,’ while a discipler says, ‘Follow me.’” This blueprint, sketched by Jesus Christ through His personal example, is how discipleship is accomplished in the lives of believers, and, ultimately, within the local church. When this plan is followed, those involved will participate in three dynamics that result in growth in their personal lives, as well as in the Kingdom: connecting because of the Gospel, growth in the Gospel, and influence with the Gospel.


Lots of people struggle in their relationship with God and engaging in His Word. We believe a D-Group is the environment for intentional and purposeful spiritual growth. As followers of Jesus, we are to grow in the gospel by studying, memorizing, and meditating on God’s Word. 

In a D-Group, you’ll be with 2-4 other believers who are committed to growing in their relationship with God. They will help hold you accountable, help you study the Bible, and provide necessary encouragement and prayer along your discipleship journey.

If you are looking to take the next step in your discipleship journey, then join a D-Group today.


The meet-up guide will help you facilitate and manage your time together. 


The expectations for a D-Group provide an understanding for what will take place over the life of the D-Group. It’s designed to help members of the group keep each other accountable.


The D-Group study guide includes a description of the H.E.A.R. Bible Study Method so you can continue studying God’s Word between your D-Group meetings. 

Join a D-Group