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A Study on Exodus 5-11
March 22, 2021

A Study on Exodus 5-11

Passage: Exodus 5-11

In this well-known Bible story, God sends Moses and Aaron to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave Egypt.  God then begins to send plagues: turning the Nile into blood (7:14-25), frogs (8:1-15), gnats (8:16-19), flies (8:20-32), death of livestock (9:1-7), boils (9:8-12), fiery hail (9:13-35), locusts (10:1-20), darkness (10:21-29).  Although we are not reading in detail about every plague in this week’s reading, look at how Pharaoh’s response to God changes as the plagues worsen.

Join in as Lawrence Wilson helps us in our study through the book of Exodus. You can find more resources at This week we are studying Exodus 5-11.

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