21 Days

March 11th begins our 21 days of Prayer and Fasting, a time where we as a church come together and prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday

Prayer Walks

Sign up today to participate in our neighborhood prayer walks on March 24th at 10am. We will meet at LAE first, the held out for the neighborhood prayer walk. We will hold all prayer walks on the same day this year. Email Ben@thegracelifechurch.org for more info.


Easter Services

Grace is greater. This is something we firmly believe at Grace Life. Grace that only Jesus can provide. On Easter Sunday, we’re celebrating this grace and we would love for you and your family to join us!

Egg Hunt

Right after the Easter Service on April 1st, we’ll have a Easter egg hunt for all kids up to 5th grade. This year, we’ll have close to 1,000 eggs! Every child will get candy and prizes will be given out after the hunt. The Egg Hunt will take place in the LAE courtyard.

Toronto Misions Trip

We're headed back to Toronto to serve with Jared and Jennifer Huntley and Fellowship Oshawa on August 1st through 6th! Interest meeting will be March 25th at 9am.

Making Jesus-Centered Disciples For God's Glory

Sunday 10am | Lake Asbury Elementary School
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