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From new borns to 5th grade, our KidLife ministry is intended to help you point your kids to Jesus.

It’s not child care. It’s discipleship.

We take discipleship seriously at Grace Life and we firmly believe in the importance of discipling our kids to know Jesus and the Bible. Every week, your child will learn a lesson from the Bible about Jesus that includes videos, games, crafts, and songs that go with the lesson.


About The Gospel Project

It’s more than a story—it’s good news!

The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps all ages dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.


  • Where do I register my children when I arrive?

    First time guests can register their children at our Hospitality tent, right by the main entrance. Someone will be there to help you register them. Once registered, your child will receive a sticker that will go on their back and you will receive a corresponding sticker that you will need when you pick them up. You can always preregister here.

  • What time should I arrive to register them?

    First time registration takes around five minutes so we suggests arriving by 9:45am. This will give you time to register your children and to meet their teachers for the day. You can always preregister your children here.

  • Where will my kids go once we register?

    For 5 yrs and younger: Once your child is registered and checked in for the day, you can drop them off in our preschool classroom where Kendra Butler (our preschool director) and her team will take care of them. On your first visit, we’ll walk you and your children to the preschool classroom.

    For K5 to 5th grade: Once your child is registered and checked in for the day, they will stay with you for the first 25 minutes of our gathering. We’ll dismiss them with their teacher right before our sermon.

  • What will my kids learn?

    Your kids will learn a lesson about Jesus from the Bible! Even our preschoolers are learning one simple truth. Find more about our curriculum here.

  • What are the volunteer requirements for KidLife?

    Every KidLife volunteer is either an active member or attender of our church who has professed faith in Jesus Christ. They are required to pass a yearly background check and understand our safety procedures. 

  • What is Family Integrated Worship?

    Family Integrated worship means we seek to have the whole family worshiping together as frequently as possible. Every month with a fifth Sunday is a family worship Sunday where the elementary kids will stay for the entire service. We also seek to sing together, memorize the same verses together, and pray together. If you have a preschooler and an elementary student, they will be learning the same lesson each week.

  • Is it okay if my child stays with me?

    Absolutely! In fact we encourage it! Don’t worry about them being a distraction either! We want them to feel at ease when they come to church and we know sometimes that means staying with a parent.

  • What is the KidLife pick up process?

    After the service is over, you will head to your child’s classroom and show your child’s sticker to their teacher. Once confirmed, they will be released into your care.

Let us know you’re coming!

Skip the line and preregister your children for your first visit at Grace Life Church. Once you arrive, just head to the blue tent in front of our doors and we’ll get your children checked in for KidLife!

Want to know more? Contact us!