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We’re excited to study the Book of Hosea together as a church family. This study is intended to help you grow in your understanding of God’s love and how it applies to you today. We encourage you to use the H.E.A.R. Bible Study Method to help you go deeper into your study of Hosea.

While studying on your own, join a LifeGroup and explore it with others from our church. 


Using the H.E.A.R. Bible Study Method

The H.E.A.R. Bible Study Method is a great tool to help you study the Book of Hosea. Use the H.E.A.R. Study each week as you study the weekly text.

About the Book

The book of Hosea contains God’s message to the northern kingdom of Israel just before it is taken over by the Assyrians. We find a clear message of hope amidst a people who have abandoned their God. The first three chapters tell the story of Hosea and Gomer and their children. Chapters 4-13 speak God’s word in regard to the judgment against Israel. Chapter 14 gives a clear call to repentance. This book teaches us several lessons. First, unbridled sin leads to cold hearts. Second,  God desires that all would repent. Third, we must be careful to guard our beliefs and practices against worldly influence. Finally, God’s love and forgiveness are so much greater than our sins. We see a clear call throughout this book, that God is waiting for those who will repent to restore and heal them.


Weekly videos that go along with the study are available to watch on YouTube. You can also listen to a podcast option on the Grace Life Podcast. These videos serve as a commentary on the book of Hosea.



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The CSB Study Bible is designed to help you know and be transformed by God’s Word. The Bible features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) that keeps Scripture primary on every page.


ESV Scripture Journals pair the entirety of individual books of the Bible with lightly lined blank pages opposite each page of Bible text, allowing readers to take extended notes or record insights and prayers directly beside corresponding passages of Scripture.