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Shepherds and Sheep

August 6, 2019
The church is a community of followers of Jesus committed to making disciples within the community. God established Elders to lead the church to be more like Christ.
Peter encourages us to entrust ourselves to our faithful Creator when suffering comes. Finding joy in suffering is cherishing God more than the end of our suffering.
The average American worker work over 45 hours a week. Many of us worship our work instead of seeing work as an act of worship. Understanding God's intentions for our…

A Spiritual House

June 16, 2019
The church is a people who have been redeemed by Jesus and are being built by Jesus to bring glory to God while proclaiming the excellencies of God's grace throughout…
When we place our hope fully on Jesus and when we conduct our lives in holiness because God is holy, we will be distinctly different than the world.

We are Exiles

June 2, 2019
As we begin this new series on First Peter, we are going to learn that we, as followers of Jesus, do not belong here on this earth and the hope…