“We desire to see our community transformed by God’s Grace and become passionate for God’s Glory."

This is what we ultimately want to see take place in our community. This is why we exist. It is our hope that Grace Life Church will be a part in training and equipping God’s people to realize that they are the church sent out into their everyday life so we can see God transform lives through the grace of Jesus Christ and to see them become passionate for God’s glory.


“Our Mission is to make Jesus-centered disciples for God’s Glory.”

Our mission is three-fold:

We want to make Jesus Centered. This means that our focal point in every aspect of our church is Jesus. Jesus is the center of our KidLife Ministry, our preaching, and our singing. We even set up and tear down for Jesus. We understand that as soon as we become the center of attention, we lose sight of why we are here.

We want to make Jesus-centered disciples. Our passion is to be a church filled with disciples who make disciples. We want to share the Gospel with all people and then teach them how to follow Jesus both in theology and practice.

We want to everything for God’s Glory. This is not about us. It’s not about building our brand and it’s definitely not about being the greatest church in town. We do everything we do so God will be glorified. We want to make much of him, and make it less about us.


Because of the mission that God has given us as a church, there are some things we care for deeply and value.


Gather together frequently
Serve others selflessly


Give cheerfully & generously
Pursue Jesus daily


Share the Gospel locally
Spread the gospel globally

Making Jesus-Centered Disciples For God's Glory

Sunday 10am | Lake Asbury Elementary School
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