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Baby Bottle Campaign

Every year, we set aside time to raise collect money for First Coast Women’s Services, a local Christian agency that provides care and support that helps remove that barriers that can cause a woman to abort her unborn child. We are thankful for the opportunity to help them make an impact in the lives of women around our city.

FCWS receives no government funding so they can freely share the Gospel of Jesus. They depend solely on the generosity of God’s people for the support they need to be able to offer life-affirming solutions in a safe, confidential place.

This is how we can get involved. This past Sunday, we distributed baby bottles for you to take home and fill with change, cash, or a check to First Coast Women’s Services. Every donation helps them continue the mission of saving lives around are county. If you did not receive a bottle, be sure to grab one this coming Sunday. This is also a great opportunity to teach your children the importance of life.

It’s not just about filling a bottle with spare change, it is also a way to understand the work that FCWS does.

  • They provide options for counseling and free pregnancy related services.
  • They help others receive forgiveness and healing from participating in a past abortion.
  • They pass the baton to the next generation to learn how important it is to stand for life

Since its inception in 1994, FCWS has served over 30,000 women and saved more than 8000 babies from being aborted. You have an important part in that.

Please consider partnering in this campaign to raise money and stand for Life. Find more information about First Coast Women’s Services by going to

We will be collecting bottles between now and the end of June.

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