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God our Provider: An update from the Lynn Family, Missionaries to Ethiopia

The very first check we wrote as a church was to the Lynn family in Ethiopia. Early on, before our church even gathered on Sunday mornings, we knew we needed to be committed to partnering with Gospel-centered churches around the world. Global and local gospel partnerships must be a part of our DNA. It’s been a joy to be partners along side the Lynn Family. They have been faithfully serving and making disciples in Ethiopia and your generosity continues to help them accomplish their desire to proclaim the hope of Jesus to the people Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. On top of monthly financial support, Grace Life has given them several one time gifts, including $5,000 towards their Permanent Light land and building purchase. We want to continue to be a blessing to them, which is why you should attend Bingo Night and bring a donation with you!

As you read this update from Jeremy and Karissa, will you commit to praying for them daily? Pray they will be encouraged and provided for as they serve the Lord by making disciples in Ethiopia.

Thank you church for supporting and partnering with this Gospel Work! Be sure to check out the video below.

By His Grace,

Pastor Matt



When we moved to Addis Ababa, we considered the question, how do you start a church planting movement in Ethiopia? Our desire was to begin by pursuing personal relationships with Ethiopians that lead to Jesus. Ultimately, we wanted to make disciples that could go and make disciples. We also knew it would be important for those who believe in Christ as Savior to have a place to be equipped and fellowship with other believers. Meeting in homes is restricted and renting a property is expensive. Therefore, we began to take the steps necessary to purchase land.

One of the hurdles when purchasing land in Ethiopia is income. The average household today makes, “a per capita gross national income of $890”. With salaries this low, a church that has 100 people giving 10% of their income would have to save for approximately 26 years to purchase land. Knowing this, we began the Permanent Light project and asked churches to join Bethel in pursing this goal.

We praise God for the body of Christ joining hands with Bethel in giving and praying! He has provided land, and we look toward the next steps of being a Permanent Light in Ethiopia. Building, like everything else in the world, is far more expensive than it was just a few years ago. When we began this journey, the cost for the building was around $250,000. Now we face a bill well over $900,000! We shared this with our sending Pastor(admittedly we were overwhelmed with the cost), and he responded candidly that God is more than able to provide. We know we must trust our Provider as we embark on this phase. Therefore, we have made our request known to God and share the need with His bride. Would you ask God what He would have you do as an individual and as a church? May we seek Him first as we trust His provision. Let’s Build Together!

Jeremy and Karissa Lynn



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