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What Jesus Did Was Enough

We recently closed out another incredible year of LifeGroups. These groups intentionally center around God’s Word in the context of encouraging relationships for the purpose of cultivating a deep faith in Jesus. This past year we studied through the book of Galatians. You can access this study and previous studies at our ever expanding resource library.

As we closed out, a member of my LifeGroup shared a poem they wrote as a summary of our study in Galatians. I wanted to share it with you. It’s titled, “What Jesus Did Was Enough”. I pray it will be a blessing to you as it was to our group. And be sure to join a group when they resume this coming fall!

By His Grace,

Pastor Matt


What He did was enough

Just as Paul shared on that road to Damascus
The same Good News that saved him was the news that saved us.
We saw what Christ did up on that cross of Calvary
The perfect sacrifice made for our salvation’s eternity

Bound by the chains of our sin
We had to realize the captivity of the flesh we were in
Christ set us free and gave a gift we did not deserve
Grace washed over us as promised in His word.

Sons and daughters we all became
No longer separated but united by His precious name
The Grace that saved us also set us apart
As we grow closer The Spirit transforms our heart.

Situations in our new family can be tough
The burdens get lighter as we share the load with love
This is a love that is beyond compare
Our Fathers love given His church for all to share.

Faith in Jesus is all we must or can do
Believe every word of scripture to be true
No one can ever lead us astray
What Jesus did was enough from then till this very day.

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